Vision, Mission & Functions

Vision: overall outcome we are working towards

Joyful and engaged, physically and mentally fit communities


Mission: purpose and unique contribution

To promote sustainable physical activity as a means to mental health, unite communities, facilitate access to appropriate exercise and mental health resources, and inspire communication and action.


Core Functions: how to fulfill the mission

These  opportunities are available should a community demonstrate interest.


Target Healthcare Practioners (Lunch ‘n Learn)

            Advocate for the benefits of exercise in recovery of mental illness and maintenance of mental health.

            Provide resources for exercise prescription (introduce to website and downloads of resources, provide health centre a flash drive of resources)

            Provide visual reminder of resources available at (e.g. stickers, bracelets, buttons)


Target Community Leaders

            Invite community leaders (e.g. health care practioners, teachers, student leaders, mental health workers, police and exercise administrators) to represent their group at a teambuilding workshop (1h). Focus on the connection between mental health and physical fitness and the importance of working together.  Facilitate collaboration and collective community action re: mental health/physical activity projects. (Introduce OPUS online workspace and provide resources on OPUS/

Provide visual reminder of resources available at (e.g. stickers, bracelets, buttons)

Work with Minding Our Bodies to deliver adequate training

Work with/advocate other mental health organizations when possible


Target General Public

            Host a fun event (e.g. concert of local artists) in community to gather people to exercise, spread the message of physical activity's benefits on mental health, engage in related conversation, and promote available resources (e.g. those on the website

            Flash mob dance

            Post video clips of tour on youtube and

            Write about experiences, related topics and lessons learned.

            On, have links for donations to various mental health resources

            Provide press release

            Attempt a forum  dedicated to recording physical activity, mood and comments

The idea is to make a lasting impression.


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